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“I was experiencing pain in my shoulder for a few months. I went with my wife for an appointment she had with Sarah Trask. After my wife’s appointment, Sarah asked me how I was so I told her about my shoulder pain. Sarah asked if I would like her to try the micro-current on my shoulder. The therapy felt like a mini pulsating sensation in the muscle of my shoulder. With only a couple minutes of treatment I could feel relief of the pain. After a few days, with only having the one treatment I was experiencing no pain in my shoulder. I would definitely recommend Sarah Trask’s treatment, it worked great for me.”

Charles Daborn

Nova Scotia

“In January 2018 I started suffering with pain in my right elbow. This is a huge problem for me as I am an extremely busy hairstylist and a co-owner of the business. It got to the point that I was having a very hard time coping at work. I had tried massage therapy, laser therapy, physiotherapy, none of this had helped me. I seemed to be gobbling up a lot of Advil to try to mask the pain. I mentioned this to one of my friends she pointed me in the direction of Sarah. After having several treatments with Sarah, it was unbelievable the difference I felt. I could work 12-hour days without having pain! I haven’t had any pain in my elbow since my last treatment! She has been phenomenal in helping me and I am so grateful to her. This treatment and her knowledge is truly magical. I would recommend Sarah to anyone dealing with pain, strain, injury, etc.. Thank you Sarah for everything you did for me, you are amazing!”
Nadine Coleman

Kentville, NS

I had been dealing with some intense pain from endometriosis. Always in my hips and legs, pelvic area and the tension and pain ripples through the body depending on the time of the month. I was so lucky to be in the right place at the right time to see Sarah Trask! All I can say is – she is basically a wizard and you should contact her if you have any pain. ANY PAIN!!!!”
Pippa Boothman

Oslo, Norway

When I presented with conventionally diagnosed mononucleosis, Dr. Trask provided me compassionate counselling, systematic questioning on physical and mental symptoms with adequate time devoted to listening, and this provided me with confidence in the healing process. Dr. Trask’s courteous empathy helped me understand my condition, and she provided me with holistic health care. My health is restored. Need I say more?
Bill Shaw

I was sick for over 20 years before I had my first appointment with Sarah Trask. I don’t live in Nova Scotia, so we did it over the phone, and she was amazing! I never knew why I always felt so bad but this year I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease. A lot of my symptoms were infection-related (sinus, throat, UTI, etc.) and I had been battling bronchitis for three months when I finally spoke to Sarah. I had gone through three courses of antibiotics to try and treat it, and none of them had made any difference. After our initial consultation, she sent my remedy by mail and after taking it, my cough stopped and my bronchitis was gone, literally overnight. Apart from a lot of reoccurring infections I also suffered from chronic fatigue (no matter how much I slept, or rested) as well as a lot of pain in my neck, lower back and knees. I loved working out but it was hard for me to maintain an active lifestyle when I was in pain and tired all the time. The last time I exercised before getting bronchitis I felt shooting pains in my chest and thought I was having a heart attack. It was just another symptom of Lyme disease, along with worsening heart palpitations and a stroke, which apparently I had had some time ago, without realizing it (my internal specialist saw the results of it on my last CT scan). In addition to my physical symptoms, I was also experiencing memory loss and mental confusion, and had been suffering with anxiety and phobias. Since taking the remedy that Sarah prescribed those have all disappeared. I have been symptom free for 10 months! I still don’t fully understand how it works but it does, and for the first time in my life I feel like a normal human being. I have Sarah – and homeopathy – to thank, and I’m so grateful!


For three days I had a mild fever afternoon and evenings, with icy hands and feet, mild ear aches, a constant productive cough, a pain in my right lung, and difficulty sleeping. It sounded like walking pneumonia, but felt like a little less than the pneumonia I had last year. My usual herbal and other natural remedies weren’t making a dent. I found the remedy my homeopath, Sarah Trask, had given me with a note: “For your colds”.
Wow! Pretty much instant relief!

Wolfville, NS

I decided to try Homeopathy after years of back pain. I had seen both traditional and non-traditional practitioners and even though their support helped with symptoms there was only limited true change. I began treatment with Sarah Trask and was happy to acknowledge that there is a difference. My back pain is greatly decreased, more predictable and not limiting my activities in the way it often has. I am so pleased and appreciative. Still have a ways to go but the success of these treatments is undeniable.

Wolfville, NS

“I discovered homeopathy after conventional medicine had failed to help me with my chronic digestive problems, joint pain and fatigue. That was 25 years ago. Twenty five years in which I have lead a full and active life including leading multiple sailboat voyages to the Arctic with the help and support of homeopathy.

Over the years I have been treated by six different homeopaths in three countries. When I moved to Canada I started seeing Sarah Trask who has worked tirelessly to support and improve my health. Her knowledge of homeopathy and the efficacy of her care is unsurpassed.”

John Harries

Attainable Adventure Cruising Ltd

I had been suffering with sciatica pain stemming from disc damage in my lower back and I first sought relief from my pain through over the counter medication but found no lasting results. I visited a GP who prescribed nerve blockers to try and numb the pain, but the prospect of long term usage of medication designed to numb my nerve receptors as a long term solution was not an attractive option for me. A visit to another GP, one who had a broader definition of ‘medicine’, led me finally to Sarah Trask.

I was initially quite sceptical of the possibility of homeopathic healing helping manage my back pain, but by this time the level of pain and amount of detrimental effect it was having on my everyday life encouraged me to give it a try. After a handful of consultations with Sarah and experimenting with different remedies, my pack pain became not only manageable but almost entirely absent. From a point in my life where simply scaling a flight of steps or putting on my socks was an exercise in pain and misery, to now being able to play pain free with my infant daughter and returning to playing hockey, I have nothing but gratitude and glowing praise for what Sarah Trask has done for me. To anybody considering seeking out homeopathic care, I suggest putting aside any scepticism or preconceived notions you may have about homeopathic healing and give it a try.


Halifax, NS

Meeting with a homeopathic doctor for the first time I was unsure what to expect. I’ve had Type 1 Diabetes for more than 30 years and have allergies, high blood pressure and under active thyroid for the last few years too. Due to managing these health conditions, I have an intricate relationship with the medical community, however I have been very impressed with Sarah Trask and her approach to improving my health.When I met with Sarah Trask, her questions were unique to get to know me as a complete person, about my lifestyle, my environment, my concerns, my behaviours and experiences in relation to my whole health. Her homeopathic treatment plan has shown great success in treating my chronic health issues. She has educated me about homeopathy and how it is about the whole of my health, not just treating one condition at a time. Working with Sarah Trask has improved my overall diabetes care resulting in my blood sugars being in a better range overall rather than a zig-zag all the time. My symptoms to the items I’m allergic to are lessened with reduced physical impact when they flare up. I’ve noticed my skin and nails are healthier, my mood is cheerful more often and I’m more resistant to those colds and flues that go around. (She also offers remedies to those colds & flues too!)
Looking forward to my continued work with Sarah Trask to maintain a healthy future! Thanks Sarah!


I started seeing Dr.Trask over a year ago. I have a mental illness and had been treated with homeopathy in the past and appreciated the dedication of my doctor however my doctor moved away a few years ago and I missed the one on one consultation. Through a friend I found out about Dr. Trask and made an appointment. What I appreciated about our visits is that she made it clear that I must continue on my medications as prescribed by my doctor. She offered to work with my psychiatrist but advised me not to make any changes to my medications. She nailed a remedy on the initial visit and then helped me to understand how to dose properly with two following appointments. It has improved the negative symptoms of the illness and I have a much more hopeful and positive outlook. For anyone coping with a mental illness I strongly recommend Dr. Trask as a doctor you want to have by your side as you navigate the symptoms on a day to day basis!


After suffering recurring yeast infections and painful morning headaches for years, and only receiving temporary relief from modern treatments, I decided to look elsewhere for a solution. A friend suggested homeopathy and that is how I came about meeting with Sarah. I must admit, at first I was skeptical that the little pellets would make a difference but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did my infections and headaches stop, but I also found that other symptoms that I had attributed to my personality (fears, anxieties, lack of energy) also went away or improved drastically. I now no longer dread contact with unfamiliar people. I feel friendly and confident. I’m not worried about things on a constant basis, and I have become more focused and productive at work.

Since finding my ideal treatment, I have been without an infection or morning headache for over 6 months and counting. After years of being ill and trying everything else, I never thought I would see the day when I could not worry about when my next infection would occur and all of the torturing discomfort that came with each one. When I get up in the mornings I feel energized and ready for the day. Sarah has given me more than I ever expected!


Kentville, NS

“Before trying homeopathic treatment I was tired all the time, could not concentrate and felt an over all sluggishness. Homeopathic treatment changed this. Now, six months later I still feel better, can get out of bed in the morning feeling clear and ready to take on my day and I can get things done. I would recommend Sarah Trask to anyone.”

Toronto, ON

“Homeopathy offered me an alternative to the fast-food world of “mainstream” health care. Sarah’s care and compassion for my entire being is something I have never seen in healthcare prior to this experience, and is so refreshing. She treats her patients with respect, compassion and gentle guidance- all backed by a solid knowledge of Homeopathy. Through my treatment with Sarah, I found not only my original ailments alleviated or eliminated completely; but also a new sense of being “tuned in” to what my body was telling me.”

Toronto, ON

At first I didn’t think I would ever be able to fly again. I had tried EVERYTHING! I had a fear of flying since I was a kid, and let’s face it, since 9 / 11 it made things even worse. Sarah was wonderful and very easy to talk to. She has a special way with people. She worked with me and recommended a remedy that would work for “MY” personal situation and the rest is history! I recently flew (had 4 flights to do)….and I haven’t felt better!! Homeopathy is the way to go!!!

Kentville, NS

I brought my daughter to see Sarah about 6 months ago for behavior problems, tantrums, aggression, and moodiness. She is 4 years old and believe me, I was skeptical but I knew she needed some help. She had been to our family Doctor in whom I talked to about this behavior when she was only about 2 1/2 and he assured me that it was a stage she was going though and it would pass. About 7-8 months ago I noticed that this behavior had only gotten worse. She was now hurting children in her class and being very disrespectful to us, her peers and her teachers along with telling very disturbing stories. I then went back to the family doctor and talked to him again. He referred us to the child psychiatrist as well as mental health. We were put on a waiting list for about 4 months and her issues were continuing to get worse. I thought, we as her parents, have got to do something now, we can not wait any longer, and our little girl was falling apart. So we decided while waiting for the psychiatrist we would check out the homeopathic route after discussing this treatment with another parent who went this path with her own child. Our results with our daughter were phenomenal, she even noticed a difference! She said, “Mom, I am happy all the time now.” It just about broke my heart. She is only 4 and not only was she much happier, but she noticed the difference in herself, she was polite, more obedient, NO longer aggressive, and her progresses report at school went from, “Not Attained” on all of the reporting areas, to “Attained” in every area except 4 of the areas, which were “Somewhat Attained”. For us, this was huge on the academic side of things. We were amazed! Another child had approached the teacher about my daughter and said, “Madame, she is a really nice girl now.” This came from another student who is also 4. So what does this tell you? It is almost like there was a wall that she could not get through to be the person she really was. I am happy to say that little girl we love so dearly and have tried so hard to work with to teach good morals, values, mannerism, what is acceptable and what is not; has broken down the concrete wall that she could never overcome. Her teachers are in awe and so are we! I am so pleased with the results. I should mention that we finally got in to the child psychiatrist and he said she was showing signs of ADHD/ODD and possible conduct disorder but no actual diagnosis. This was after the treatment. I firmly believe that if she had not seen Sarah prior to seeing the child psychiatrist there would have been a full diagnosis and possible meds. I really believe this. My daughter is still healing and undergoing treatment with Sarah, and YES we are still have great results with her. Homeopathy is now what I will choose for further health care.

Yarmouth, NS

“I suffered severe pain during pregnancy due to a large gallstone. My medical doctor advised I was ‘high risk’ and that the only cure was surgery to remove the gallbladder (despite my fears and objections). Sarah Trask worked with me to find a more suitable healing option, without any risk to my growing baby. Homeopathy was a big leap of faith for me – but the results spoke for themselves. After 2 months of working with Sarah (my homeopathic remedy and a controlled diet), I was pain free and an ultrasound confirmed that the gallstone had gotten smaller, and eventually disappeared. My medical doctor ‘had never seen this result’. I am so grateful for Sarah’s help during my pregnancy, I learned so much about homeopathy; it has opened my eyes to the world of complimentary health care.”

Wolfville, NS

After a severe case of strep throat, our daughter developed severe anxiety about dying. This condition was painful to watch, as our daughter was not able to take part in activities that, normally, made her so happy, as she became fearful of everything around her and as joy disappeared from our spirited child! Our family was in crisis!

My husband had a past experience with homeopathic medicine that saved his life, so we were more than willing to try homeopathy with our daughter. Smartest decision we ever made! Dr. Trask gave us hope and help from our first appointment on. We had to try four remedies before finding the one that best suited our daughter’s symptoms. However, it was well worth the effort! She now says “I am my old self!” and “I am cured!” Our daughter has her joy back and “thank-you” to Dr. Trask just doesn’t seem like enough!”

D. G.


I had been suffering from chronic bladder and yeast infections for over two years. I had been to three specialists trying to get things cleared up. I was on medications monthly with no resolution. I had put on weight, wasn’t sleeping well, and overall feeling yucky. One day I was complaining to a friend of mine that they couldn’t find what was wrong with me and she recommended I call this Homeopathic Doctor named Sarah Trask.
In June, I had enough and finally went to see Sarah. She asked me some of the strangest questions that I couldn’t figure out what they had to do with getting better, but I answered her.
She then gave me some small white pills that to this day remind me of that poprock candy. At first, I saw no difference and I was pretty convinced that this was a waste of my time. However, I had given the Western Medicine world a couple of years so I could at least give her a month or two. I went back and told her I had no results, so I was given more “sugar pills” and a week later I had this “rash” on me and asked if I was allergic to those pills. Sarah smiled and said that no, it was the medication working. The rash only lasted a few days then was gone and I now have to admit that I was starting to notice less yeast showing up on me. She also gave me a new diet that was tough but I stayed with it and a month later I started to notice that I was losing a bit of weight as well.
Now it is September, I am off the other medications and my last visit to the specialist proved that the yeast was at an all-time low. I have lost 30lbs, have lots of energy, NO signs of yeast left showing, no more recurrent bladder infections, and am much happier overall. I owe Sarah great thanks and appreciation.

Halifax, NS

I started treating a series of physical and mental symptoms with homeopathy 12 months ago, and the results are amazing. Working with my Homeopath, gave me a better understanding of my body, and a better outlook on life.

Wolfville, NS

I first met Sarah Trask while she was in her last year of studies in Homeopathic Medicine. It was hard not to notice her intelligence. She has since matured into a wonderful Homeopath. Her enthusiasm and skills continue to blossom. At least as important is her compassion for patients which is striking and truly rare.
I think her patients are very fortunate in having a doctor with these fine traits.
Dr. Joseph Kellerstein DC, ND, FCAH

I first discovered homeopathy through Arnica. On the suggestion of a massage therapist, I used it after an accident. I healed up remarkably fast and continued to use it. Last year, it hit me that if I was having such good results with one homeopathic preparation, maybe I should try working with an actual Homeopath. Luckily Sarah Trask had recently opened her practice in Wolfville. Sarah has the ability to zero in on a seemingly minor problem and leverage incredible healing results for a larger problem. Working with her was a pleasure and the improvement in my health was remarkable.

Wolfville, NS

I have been in severe pain for the past four years. I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis. The pain was very intense in my lower back and shooting down both of my legs all the way down to my feet, dominating on the left side I tried everything I could find for relief including creams, pills, inverter boards, vibrators, Dr.Ho pump up belts, heating devices, chiropractors, osteopaths, medical doctors, massage therapist etc. My wife saw Sarah’s ad in a flyer and asked me to try this. I was very sceptical at this point because I thought this would be just another waste of more money. I went to see Sarah and after a one hour consult she gave me a homeopathic medicine and took the pain out of my left side 100% within two weeks. Now she is working on my right side and I am getting great success with that as well. I have been telling all my friends about Sarah and what she has done for me and they all know what kind of pain I was in so they all believe in Sarah too. Thanks Sarah for all your great help!

Annapolis, NS

“One day I woke up and my whole half of my body was numb. When I went to visit the doctor, and then specialist weeks later, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and my whole world stopped before my eyes. I heard about Sarah and homeopathy, and that it targets the underlying cause of disease. I knew I had to at least give it a try. I took Sarah’s remedy and immediately noticed my symptoms improve. Within the week, my symptoms had all disappeared, and there have been no recurrence of symptoms in two years. When my friends ask me how I feel, I always say “great, thanks to my homeopathic doctor”. I’m so thankful to Sarah for her help.”

Yarmouth, NS

“Sarah has been so great in helping with my children. She’s understanding, patient and they love her. You can really see that she enjoys working with kids. Sarah first helped with my 6 year old, he had chronic croup for 5 years and after one visit and a single dose of her homeopathic remedy he no longer suffers at all. I was so pleased with the results that I had her visit my older child (7 yrs) that suffered from chronic ear infections and same result occurred. I could not believe how well she cured both of them. I went to Sarah a number of times after and was always please with her results. She has been a great help with my family and has made me a huge supporter of homeopathy.”

Toronto, ON

“It is difficult to fully describe the profound change in my life since I’ve been treated homeopathically by Sarah Trask. I had never been to a homeopathic doctor before and was open minded yet somewhat skeptical as I did not completely understand the method. I had been fraught with ailments for quite some time and was hoping to find some relief from a few of the more serious issues. In 2002 I was diagnosed with a pilonidal cyst which was extremely painful. I learned to deal with the excruciating flare-ups because the surgery offered would have been invasive, a long recovery was expected and the results were not 100% successful. Needless to say I was quite eager to try homeopathy, a possible cure with no nasty side effects. Sarah patiently and professionally explained the method and was able to quell my skepticism. She evaluated my condition and gave me a single homeopathic remedy. Almost immediately things began to noticeably change. I had quite an energetic response to the remedy prescribed. I felt happy, healthy, joyful and have not had recurrence of my pilonidal cyst since!
Sarah is passionate about what she does and asks the right questions in the right manner to get to the heart of the problem. I am so grateful for all the good changes in my health and am sharing my experience on the basis that it might help someone else. Homeopathy is now my preferred option in medical care for myself and my family.”

Dundas, ON

I had lived with pain for several months after a car accident and resulting whiplash. Traditional medicine, physiotherapy and several sessions of reflexology were not able to remove the pain or improve my quality of life. My reflexology therapist suggested I give homeopathy a try; I was willing as I had exhausted other more accepted therapies, and because I trusted her opinion. I knew she had seen Sarah Trask and had received relief from her pain. Fortunately I was able to see the doctor within two weeks. I was impressed with the amount of time Sarah spent with me, the number of questions she asked, the fact that she really listened to me and, also with her competent, caring manner. Sarah was confident that she could find a natural remedy for my pain and she certainly did. Within three-four weeks I was pain free; I had taken very few doses, and seemed to improve with each one. I have not had any discomfort for four months, and have not taken further medication. A miracle, some might say, but I think Sarah would reply that the right remedy, taken for a short time allows the body to aid in its own healing. I know I am thrilled with the results and have shared my improvement with friends and colleagues.

Nova Scotia

For about 15 years now, I’ve suffered with odd symptoms which come on about every 2 to 3 years. They include dizziness, fatigue, weakness, making even walking difficult. Usually getting around with a cane or a wheelchair are necessary. One day I’m perfectly healthy and that night I’m too weak to walk. This usually goes on for about 4 to 6 months and I wake up one morning and I’m normal. I’ve seen numerous doctors, all with the same answer … “nothing showed up on any of your tests, we have no diagnosis and no way to help you.”
Sarah had been treating my mother in-law and had told her she was certain she could help me. The symptoms I had were a prime candidate for homeopathic medicine. I admit I was a little skeptical, but I made an appointment. I saw Sarah on a Friday and by Monday I was back on my feet again. The remedy she is giving me now has increased my energy and has helped with a few other problems as well. The questions Sarah asked were numerous and very detailed, but because of this she was able to match my symptoms to a remedy to help me. I would recommend this kind of treatment to anyone, especially to those who get no answers from the medical profession.

Bridgewater, NS