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What To Expect

Homeopathy is a safe and highly effective science and art, but most of all it is a complete healing system. The healing power of homeopathy allows you to live your life in ease, instead of dis-ease.

Getting Started

Determining the proper homeopathic remedy involves investigating and evaluating all the subjective and objective symptoms that you are experiencing in the context of your physical and mental/emotional symptoms, individual life circumstances, and environment.

Fees and Payment Policy

Initial $340.00 + HST (includes remedy)

Follow-up Consultation $100 + HST

Acute Consultation (by phone in or in person) – $60- $80 + HST depending on time needed

For any appointments that take place over the telephone as an alternative to an in – person appointment; the regular fees apply, as does the cancellation policy. If poor weather prevents you from attending your appointment in-person, you can choose to call the office and adjust your appointment to take place over the telephone. An office receipt will be mailed to you once full payment for the appointment is received.

There will be times when the doctor asks you to call the office to update her, this IS an appointment and there will be a charge for the doctor’s time (unless stated otherwise), and you will be invoiced accordingly (acute consultation fee), and the cancellation policy still applies. This also applies to email communications. If it is a short email or phone call, the doctor will waive the fee, but multiple short phone calls and emails can be considered acute consultations.

*Please honour our scent free office by refraining from wearing any scents or fragrances.

*Some extended health care plans cover homeopathy, please check with your health care group provider.

In order to develop an accurate picture of your circumstances, and to make our time spent in consultation most effective, you should think about and keep in mind the following requests for information as in-depth and accurately as possible.


Initial Adult Homeopathic Intake Form

Initial Pediatric Homeopathic Intake Form

Homeopathic PRT Intake Form

The intake form must be filled out at home and brought in completed to the initial consultation. An initial consultation generally takes 1.5-2 hours and during this time, you will be asked to describe your complaints in detail. Once this detailed account of your symptoms has been outlined, a single remedy most similar to your symptom picture will be prescribed.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

You will be given general instructions on how to take the remedy. It is important to document the response following the remedy so that you can provide this information in your follow-up appointment. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be to prescribe a remedy to stimulate your body into healing as well as asses the effect.

Sarah provides all of her new patients with one free phone-in consultation (approximately 15 minutes), 1-2 weeks following the initial visit, in order to assess your response and to educate you on how the dosing should work moving forward.

Follow-up visits are anywhere from a half hour to one hour in length, and take place approximately 3-4 weeks after the initial consultation. Generally, you should book 3-4 follow-up appointments to ensure you are on the path to healing. This helps Sarah oversee the effect of the homeopathic medicine as it stimulates the healing response.

Consistently using homeopathic medicines is the key to success. Regular follow-ups also will help you achieve optimum results.

Questions concerning the following may be asked of your complaints:

1. Sensations/Quality of the pains

2. Location/Areas of the body

3. Intensity

4. Frequency/Duration

5. What makes the complaint better or worse?

6. When did it begin? What can bring it on?

7. Is there anything that accompanies your complaint, even if it seems unrelated.

To fully complete your picture, you will also be asked about your sensitivities, energy, personality, sleep, sex, digestion, diet, etc.

Your First Homeopathic Appointment

1. Think about the onset of your symptoms. Any related mental, emotional or physical symptoms and/or any external conditions/trauma that may have contributed to your state of being at that time? What can trigger your symptoms?

2. Include any childhood diseases and if applicable, any lasting effects from these aliments. Were there any extensive therapies employed in the healing of these conditions? Did you have any reactions or long-term side effects to any such therapies?

3. Think about the symptom you are experiencing in terms of location in the body. Does this symptom shift from one place in your body to another? Related or unrelated symptoms elsewhere in the body? What is the quality or sensations associated with the symptom? How it feels/looks/smells/tastes? Anything that makes the symptom unique, striking or unusual? If pain is involved, think about the pain you endure ex. a dull ache vs. a sharp stabbing pain, a constant or periodic pain etc. Think about the onset of your pain; slow vs. sudden? How intense is the pain?

4. Make note of when your symptoms feel better or worse: time of day, when you are hot or cold, months, seasons, before or after eating, sleep, moving resting certain positions, when occupied, specific mental/emotional states. Experiment with heat or cold, warm rooms or fresh cool air, warm or cool bathing. Do you notice any difference in any of the symptoms? What is the frequency and duration of each of your symptoms?

5. Are you affected in any way by different kinds of weather? Dryness, humidity, approaching storms, thunderstorms, frost, cloudiness, low or high altitudes, being by the seashore, cold, damp, heat of the sun.

6. You will also be asked about digestion, energy, sleep, diet, exercise, etc in order to get a full picture of your system and how it operates.

7. Menses: Length of cycle, pain associated with menses, length of period and the nature of the flow, PMS, mood swings, bloating swollen tender breasts, food cravings, food aversions, vaginal discharge with or without menses.

8. Sex: Desires, aversion, painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, impotency.

10. Perspiration: Profuse, scanty, odour, locations on the body you tend to sweat.

11. Body Temperature: Hot vs. cold body type, hot or cold hands or feet, parts of the body, hot flashes, do you get chilly quickly, have to cover or wrap up, heat up in bed at night, etc.

12. Sleep: Do you wake up at night? When? Why? How do you feel in the morning on rising? What position do you sleep-side/back/front? Are parts of the body covered or exposed with sleep? Do you have recurring dreams in your sleep? Are there any prominent themes to your dreams? Do you experience night terrors, jerking, grinding, twitching, walking, talking?

13. What is your nature? Your personality? Since the onset of your complaints have you become more emotional, apathetic, weepy, despondent, irritable, etc? What types of environments are you especially drawn to, feel better in, feel worse in? Your level of stress and what can trigger it?