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Heatstroke/sunstroke is something to be mindful of during the extremely hot summer temperatures. Most of us are careful not to expose ourselves to the heat for a long period of time, especially in our current climate, using varying ways to cool off and stay hydrated. There are people who are certainly more sensitive to the sun and to heat in general, including children, the elderly, those involved in rigorous sporting activities, as well as people suffering from certain chronic medical conditions.

Sunstroke/heatstroke can be a life threatening condition in which the body’s heat regulating mechanism fails due to exposure to high temperatures. It can occur when the body’s mechanisms for releasing excess heat are overpowered by the heat of the sun, or strenuous activity. Physical symptoms of sunstroke/heatstroke can include fever (104 F), headache, extreme thirst, feeling extremely hot, skin is dry (lack of perspiration), muscle weakness or cramps, nausea and/or vomiting, seizures, a drop in blood pressure, rapid pulse, shallow breathing, and loss of consciousness. Behavioral changes can also occur such as agitation, irritability, confusion, staggering, disorientation, and delirium. Obviously, it is important if heatstroke/sunstroke symptoms are observed, to immediately try to begin to cool the body, and seek emergency medical care. Homeopathy has a long-standing history in the prevention treatment of symptoms associated with heatstroke/sunstroke, and the following remedies are important to take note of, and to keep in your homeopathic first aid kit. The indications for the use of each remedy are illustrated here. You need NOT have all of the symptoms of a remedy to take it, but the choice of remedy should be based on the totality of your symptoms that most match the individual remedy.

Glonione- The most important remedy in severe heatstroke/sunstroke! Use this remedy where there is a pale face, fixed eyes, white tongue, bounding pulse, labored respiration, sinking in pit of stomach and cerebral vomiting and there can be unconsciousness. This remedy is also useful in the after effects of sunstroke/heatstroke.

Aconite- The heat has a paralyzing influence on the circulation. The fever is high with hot dry skin and general delirium with restlessness.

Gelsemium- A very important remedy in sunstroke/heatstroke where the fever is high, there is cerebral congestion, delirium, headache, and even tendency to coma.

Belladonna- The fever is high and the skin is hot, dry and red. Great delirium and confusion with extreme drowsiness, and loss of consciousness. There is a marked whizzing in the ears, and constriction of the chest. Rash may also develop on the skin.

Natrum Muriaticum- Great sensitivity to the sun, especially the eyes, with dizziness and throbbing headache. Particularly useful in the chronic effects of sunstroke/heatstroke.

If you have a susceptibility to heat/sun exposure or a chronic illness that is especially worse from the sun, and would like to book a consultation with Sarah Trask, Homeopathy can be very beneficial in reducing those susceptibilities.