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Is your constant need to move keeping you awake at night? Do you ever experience a crawling or creeping sensation in your legs that just won’t let up despite moving around and changing position? Do your legs ache or feel like pin pricks when you sit down or rest? If you answered yes to the above questions, you may be experiencing a fairly common phenomenon called RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome.

Restless Leg Syndrome is characterized by the above symptoms but not limited to the above sensations. Not only are these symptoms bothersome, but they can prevent much needed sleep, and cause prolonged fatigue, because of the inability to rest. It can also happen concurrently with pain, as well as many other underlying health issues. In terms of treatment, the list of pharmacological choices for a patient with RLS can have various toxic side effects, some being much worse than dealing with the actual syndrome itself. Homeopathy has not only garnered much success in the treatment of patients with RLS, it also addresses the underlying cause of the disease itself, as well as the patients inherent susceptibilities or weaknesses in addition to the restlessness. Here are some example cases of RLS that I have seen in my own practice.

Case #1: 52 year old female with diagnosed fibromyalgia after she lost her job in a very unfair way. Pain and restlessness all over especially worse at night on going to bed. Her pain is worse in the cold damp weather, and is better slow continued motion. There is a lot of cracking in the knees, even with slight motion. The patient also suffers from chronic bladder issues, including prolapse and frequent urination. Causticum 200ch was given and patient noticed improvements in the first 24hours. Restlessness was the first thing to improve, and sleep followed in the first week the patient began to have deeper more restful sleeps. Within two weeks, the pain level reduced by 40%, and after dosing several times with the same remedy over a period of 6 months, patient is pain free, sleeping well and frequent urination is resolved.

Case #2: Patient male 74 presented with restless leg syndrome characterized by constant need to move legs, and crawling sensation, especially worse at rest, sitting, or lying down. Arthritic stiffness in the large joints. especially hips, worse after being in the same position for awhile and on initial motion. All symptoms worse before a storm, and better warm bathing. Rhus Tox 200ch was given and restlessness completely better within 48hrs to the point the patient slept through the night for the first time in several years. Pain reduced greatly in the first month with increase in energy and sense of well-being. After daily dosing for 3 months, hip pain barely noticed, and happens to a mild degree very sporadically.

Case #3: Female age 43 with severe leg pain and varicose veins, pain worse after prolonged standing and constant need to move legs at night, preventing sleep. Patient also suffers from anxiety and obsessive fixed thoughts around order and tidiness. Ars Alb 200ch given daily. Restless legs alleviated in the first week, and vein pain gone within the first month. Anxiety was ameliorated in the first month. Only re-doses once in a while if patient gets run down or has to spend a lot of time on feet, takes more preventatively.