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There are hundreds of types and causes of headaches and Homeopathy is such an effective treatment, especially when your headaches are severe. When you see a Homeopath, the prescription is found after careful investigation of the individual and what is particular about their headache. For example, most migraine sufferers are sensitive to light and noise, which is common, but a particular individual may wake up with a headache, and it slowly dissipates throughout the day, whereas the other notices the migraines around their period. One migraine sufferer may vomit from the pain, and the pain will remain, and another individual may find relief from vomiting.

There are hundreds of possible remedies for the treatment of headaches so the key is finding which homeopathic remedy most closely matches your symptoms. I often find that during the treatment, I use an overall constitutional treatment as a preventative for the headaches returning, and I often provide the patient with an acute remedy to use if they by chance get a headache during constitutional treatment. The constitutional treatment often works within 3 months, and the acute treatment will help within minutes of taking it. Homeopathic treatments are very safe, and effective, and often cures the root cause of the headaches, so the individual sufferer doesn’t have to rely on pain medication anymore.

Case #1: 40 yr old female came to see me for left sided migraines, behind the left eye, which was accompanied by zigzags in the vision. This patient experienced these headaches for 2 weeks leading up to the period and would go away during menstruation. Their headache was worse from lying down and better for continued motion. They often felt the headache was at its worst between 3-5pm. The remedy given matched Sepia Officianalis and 2 pellets were given immediately after menstruation. The patient found the intensity of the headache was 50% better that month, and by the second month, did not occur at all. This patient has not had a recurrence of the headache in 2+ years.

Case #2: 75 year old female with chronic headaches mainly related to tension in the neck and base of the skull. The migraines are accompanied by an extreme heaviness of the head and are more intense and more frequent in the winter and colder months. In addition, the patient will definitely get a migraine if they are exposed to a cold draft. The migraine feels bursting, and a feeling like the brain will explode. The patient had an anxious temperament and was chilly in body temperature. The remedy given was Silica 200ch, and improvements were noticed in frequency and intensity in the first week; After 5 weeks, the headaches were gone. Patient has been migraine free for 5 years.

Case #3: 39 year old female wakes up with migraines. She can go to sleep and be fine, and will always wake to the head pain, which feels like a weight and pressure on the top of the head, and is worse from any movement or touch to the head. The patient feels extraordinarily hot during the headache and she has become quite angry and hateful since having them. Remedy given was Lachesis 200ch, and patient felt extreme improvement in moods, body temperature and energy all while noticing her migraines dissipate within the first month. Patient still doses with Lachesis at first sign of illness and constitutionally uses this remedy for overall well being, even despite not suffering from headaches anymore.

There is no need to suffer with headaches when you can consult with a Homeopath!