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Treating fertility has been, and still is, an important and very rewarding part of my practice as a homeopath. Infertility, frequent miscarriage and babies being born prematurely is becoming more common. Regardless of the cause, homeopathy can provide real solutions when, in many cases, all hope has been lost. I can recall back to when I was a clinic student at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, and my first clinic patient was a couple who was having fertility issues related to the husbands low sperm count. After investigating the overall general health of the husband (including the types of things environmentally that he was sensitive to), as well as more detailed questioning relating to his reproductive health, I was able to find a remedy that suited his situation. At his 2 month follow-up, he had a substantial increase in his sperm count, as well as feeling overall generally better in most areas of his health. They were pregnant with their first child 5 months later.

There is so much more to be understood with fertility and its relationship to environmental factors, stress levels, anxiety and depression, pharmaceutical drug use, and medical treatments, and as a homeopath I believe we have to look at all of the variables in order to find the correct treatment. By truly investigating the overall health of the individual, their hormones, health history, habits, sleep, menses, stressors, and environmental susceptibilities, a homeopathic remedy can be used to achieve optimal results. I’ve highlighted some case examples.

Patient A: 34 year old female with history of HPV and abnormal cells on her cervix, having gone through years of kryo and colposcopy treatments, hormone levels tested and normal, normal periods, overall generally healthy. Trying to get pregnant for 4 years with no success, husband’s tests are normal, and her stress levels are fine. Remedy chosen was based on the symptom of scar tissue on the cervix, due to the history of cervical treatment with Kryo and Colposcopy. Natrum Carb 200ch was given, (a known remedy for non-retention of semen by the woman after intercours-remove?), 2 single doses 24 hours apart, and the patient was pregnant the following month. Patient now has two healthy children.

Patient B: 36 year old female with uterine polyps has been trying to get pregnant with her partner for 3 years and his tests are all normal. Periods are extremely heavy and she has a history of anemia. She also has severe anxiety, which is mainly around expectations she sets for herself. The anxiety is worse at night, and she has anxious thoughts that affect her sleep. Sleep is very light as she is sensitive to most external impressions, such as noise and light. Patient is given the remedy Phosphorus 200ch, and doses with it on and off for 4 months, and notices during this time her periods become manageable and her anxiety almost non-existent. They are pregnant 2 months later. She and her partner now have 2 healthy children.

Patient C: 30 year old female experienced 2 miscarriages during the fifth month of pregnancy. Patient has history of uterine fibroids, and was on the birth control pill for 16 years, and in the last 2 years experiencing depression, with indifference and apathy most specifically to those things she used to enjoy, including her libido. The patient was weary, run down and overall burnt out. During both pregnancies, she was vomiting and nauseous most of the time. Sepia 200ch was given and patient noticed immediate changes in her emotional state, and general energy. We used this remedy over the next few months, as well as during her pregnancy to deal with the sickness, and she carried her baby to term, now a mother of 2 healthy children.

Infertility is challenging and emotionally painful. Homeopathic medicine can be an effective treatment.