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Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issue in Canada, and some would say from children to adults to the elderly, our society is experiencing an epidemic of anxiety. Most people experience feelings of nervousness or fear when faced with certain situations, and this reaction is normal and does not require treatment. Where homeopathy can help, the patient experiences anxiety on a chronic level, which impedes on their ability to function whether it’s at school, or work, as a parent, in social situations, or in family relationships. When there is some degree of functional impairment on daily life, or the person’s symptoms cause significant distress, classical homeopathic treatment is an excellent option. There are so many symptoms associated with anxiety, some examples being heart palpitations, changes in appetite, mood shifts, insomnia, restlessness, oversensitivity to stimuli, and the list continues. A Homeopath would investigate the etiology or causative factor for the anxiety (PTSD, thyroid, digestive system not functioning, change of life, etc), as well as triggers for the individual, and analyze the physiological manifestations of the anxiety ie. the patient’s unique experience of the anxiety. Here are some curative case examples to illustrate the above:

Case #1 An 8 year old boy who loves playing baseball got hit in the face with a baseball when up to bat, and since hadn’t been able to step up to bat. The incident was traumatic for him. He was scared that he would get hit again and became withdrawn, very emotional, frightened and angry. He was also having nightmares, and would wake at night with them. He completely lost his appetite and his parents had to force him to eat. Initially the remedy Stramonium 200ch was given a couple of times, after which there were no improvements, so I decided upon the remedy Aconitum Napellus 200ch, based on the specific etiology of the fright remaining (one of the best remedies for post traumatic stress). He immediately improved, seemed to balance out instantly, and only had to take the remedy one other time when a few games later, noticed the fear start to return again. No more remedy needed after that, as the boy happily finished out the remainder of baseball season without any issue.

Case #2 A 23 year old girl with severe agoraphobia and social anxiety since a concussion 2 years earlier. Patient taking prescribed Ativan 3-6 times daily, has dropped out of school, and moved back in with parents. She cannot leave the house, and mother must lie with her at night, when her anxiety is at its worst. She has become a completely different person, with lots of fears of being in public, and has become extremely sensitive to any noise, light, and smells. She has noticed bruising easily as well. Homeopathic Phosphorus 1M was administered daily and patient noticed improvements within the first 24hours, and after 2 weeks was down to 1 Ativan daily, and after 3 months, wasn’t needing any Ativan, was able to be out in social situations, be with her friends, go to the mall, and after 6 months, feeling herself completely, and back at school full time, and living with a roommate again.

Case #3 A 52 year old male with severe anticipatory anxiety. Fears of what will happen next, anxiety is always directed at future. Intense tightness in upper back and palpitations in chest before an appointment, an event, or an engagement. This patient also will lose/forget words when talking, due to the anxiety. Has lived whole life with anxiety, and very fearful as a child. Lots of trembling with the anxiety, as well as observed trembling in his voice when taking his case. Patient also experiences severe heartburn and eczema in the bends of his joints. Lycopodium Clavatum 200ch was given once and changes noticed immediately. Patient describes an immediate lessening of the anxiety and an increase in confidence the same day. Patient continues to use this remedy on an as needed basis, which averages out to taking 2 pellets every few weeks, and has no more anticipatory anxiety, heartburn or eczema.
If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety, Homeopathic treatment is a gentle and effective treatment without the risk of side effects or addiction.