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Constipation is an umbrella term for a wide variety of evacuation problems. In my homeopathic practice, we place great emphasis on what goes on in the bathroom. Constipation can mean small, hard, dry stool, or a lack of urge to have a bowel movement. Some people can go for many days without any urge to go. Some may feel the urge to go, but spend time straining and feel they haven’t fully evacuated, which can lead to hemorrhoids. Constipation can feel very uncomfortable, including bloating and distention in the abdomen, but did you know the other problems it can lead to? Without sufficient bile, you can’t remove cholesterol from the body so constipation can be linked to high cholesterol. We also know that approximately 90% of the serotonin in your body (your “happy” hormone) is produced in the gut, and therefore a low production can lead to depression/anxiety and anger. Our immune system can also be compromised in cases of chronic constipation. There is a plethora of reasons for chronic constipation, and it’s not always a food/water intake issue. In homeopathy, we investigate all of the systems and their functioning and how they are related, including the type of constipation each individual is experiencing in order to find the correct “match”, to remedy not just the constipation, but the rest of the body’s systems which are affected. Here are some real-life case examples.

Case #1: Female age 3yrs old. Chronically no bowel movements for days and then has such a large bowel movement, there is a lot of pain once it passes. She cries in pain every time she has the urge to go to the bathroom. The child is very timid and is chilly in body temperature, and has an earache on the right side. Merc Sol 200ch was given 3 times over a week period and constipation resolved fully within 2 weeks as well as ear infection resolved.

Case #2: Female age 26 yrs old, chronic constipation, can go for a week without an urge for stool, and then can have diarrhea once she finally goes. There is chronic abdominal bloating and painful trapped gas. Diagnosed IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Also suffers from anxiety which is worse at night, and when alone. She has low energy, especially in the morning, brain fog, and an inability to make decisions. Patient is also prone to low iron. She was given Phosphorus 200ch every few days for a month and within 2 months all issues resolved. 4 years later, if patient feels a relapse of symptoms, two or 3 doses takes care of it, and feels effects for several months.

Case #3: Male age 34 suffers from chronic constipation. Has insufficient stools, and never feels fully evacuated. Has history of pinworms as a child, tends to be chilly in body temp, a lot of neck tension especially in cold air, and has cystic acne on face and back. Patient tends towards irritability and anger with the slightest emotional stress. Silica 200ch is given and normal bowel movements begin within the first 48 hours, and neck tension and chilliness resolved within first week. Anger and irritability lessened by about 90%.

You don’t have to suffer with constipation, and most likely it’s not the only thing you are dealing with health-wise. Please call to book your first homeopathic consultation to see how much your health can improve with homeopathic treatment.