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Autism Spectrum Disorder refers to a broad spectrum of complex conditions that affect a person’s ability to communicate, as well as interact with others. It most often develops during early childhood, and early diagnosis is now taking place due to increased knowledge and awareness of the spectrum. Children with ASD’s (Autism Spectrum Disorder’s) will often have accompanying physical and emotional challenges with feeding, sleep, attention and hyperactivity, seizures/epilepsy, and fear and anxiety.
Developing countries the world over are experiencing a massive rise in the rates of ASD diagnosis. The CDC estimates autism’s prevalence as 1 in 68 children in the US, which has risen almost 120% since the year 2000 (US Centers for Disease Control, March 2014).

The book “Impossible Cure”, by Amy L. Lansky, PhD, is a wonderful reference to the world of homeopathy and its use in Autism, and provides parents, teachers and caregivers an introduction to homeopathy and how it is used in treatment. I have seen countless children in my own practice who have presented on different levels on the spectrum from high functioning to non-verbal. Here is one case study of a sweet little boy whom I started treating not long after he was diagnosed with autism. Homeopathic treatment is not a “cure” nor is it fit for all children with ASD. This is simply a case example to illustrate a potential treatment option that can help a child become more connected to their environment and more connected within their own bodies. The remedy and potency chosen was based on homeopathic principles, and should not be used to treat other children with this diagnosis. A registered Homeopath chooses the remedy, potency and prescription based on their unique symptom expression.
Case: 3 year old boy diagnosed with autism, gut dysbiosis, and extreme constipation. Up until 18 months of age, had reached all milestones, and was in good health. First was sudden loss of eye contact, then lost verbal abilities, stopped babbling, and started making low moaning noises, constipation followed. He had impacted bowels and constipation was very painful for him. Food allergy to eggs. He would have lots of perspiration on his back at night. Highly sensitive to noises, and new situations and new people, and would cause much anxiety and would cause the boy to act out in outbursts of anger and crying.
Silica 30ch in water was given daily. Parents report: the first day with the new remedy the child had the largest bowel movement they had ever seen. Within the first week the child was noticeably calmer, especially in situations that would normally cause stress, such as noise and new people. Within 3 months the child began making eye contact again, and using words and language again. The constipation was an ongoing problem but to a much lesser degree than before, where the child was able to evacuate more often and the use of laxatives were greatly lessened. Within 6 months of treatment, the mother reported the child had said “I love you” to her and showed affection without prompting.

To date, the child (still a patient) is now older and coping well in school and social activities, and different remedies are chosen when this child has issues come up that do not relate to the initial prescription. Bowel function is excellent after 4 years.

If you have any questions about Homeopathic Medicine, and its use for treatment in cases of ASD’s, please contact Sarah Trask, HD (RHom) for more information.