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Homeopathy has a rich history in the treatment of back pain. Whether it’s a chronic ache in the lower back, a stiff neck, or sudden episodes of sciatica, I have worked with patients across the spectrum. Homeopathic treatment can be useful in both treatment of chronic and acute back pain, whether your back pain stems from an injury, or there is no known cause. It is the unique symptoms of the individual that lead us to the correct remedy that can not only manage back pain but in some cases eliminate it entirely. One remedy in particular that everyone should have at home this winter, dubbed the “slip and fall” remedy by homeopaths, is called Hypericum Perfoliatum. It is useful anytime you fall and injure your tailbone, very useful after a slip on the ice. The tailbone is nerve-rich, and can cause excruciating pain if injured in this way, and homeopathic Hypericum is the first “go-to” remedy in this type of injury.

In the case of chronic back pain, there are hundreds of remedies that can be useful, and it takes an in-depth investigation into the peculiarities of the symptoms you are experiencing to get to the correct prescription. Here are some examples:

Case #1: Male 42yrs, had been in severe back pain for four years and been diagnosed with spinal stenosis. The burning pain was very intense in the lower back and shooting down both legs all the way down to the feet, dominating on the left side. His work required a lot of lifting and twisting, and was taking Lyrica daily without much relief. Patient walked mainly stooped over and was restless at night with the pain preventing sleep. The worst position to be in was standing erect, and the best was sitting stooped over. Patient was given a daily dose of Sulph 200ch, and within 2 weeks back pain was 100% gone.

Case #2: Male 34yrs, suffering with sciatica pain stemming from disc damage in lower back. Predominantly right sided sciatica, which would extend from buttocks to toes. Pain was worse from stooping, worse from any touch or pressure, worse during damp/cold weather, worse bending over, and accompanied by numbness in the foot. Patient was given Gnaphelium 30ch and pain improved immediately. After dosing during the following two flare ups (which were less intense and very far apart) patient is pain free, and has been for last 3 years.

Case #3: Female 36yrs, lower lumbar pain especially in right SI joint for 5 months since delivery of baby. The patient can’t sit without pain, and turning in bed is excruciating. Impossible to bend over and lift baby into arms, she is beyond upset and has tried most modalities to try to help manage the pain, with little to no relief. Patient was given Lycopodium Clavatum 1M, 2 doses in 24 hrs, and by next morning pain was 100% gone with no recurrence.

If you previously didn’t know homeopathic medicine could be useful in the treatment of back pain/sciatica, it is a worthwhile option.